Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yet another blog on coursework,essays and well.....homework in general

I dont really mind homework during the week,its ok sometimes even useful for remembering stuff that we have learnt in a lesson(I know,I know.....nerd).But what I do mind is when we spend our free time doing it.......that really gets to me.There are people in this world who havent the slightest idea of what a weekend or a holiday is.Well after looking on google for definitions of these two words the results are :"the week-end is usually a period of time between Friday and Sunday observed commonly as a period of respite from work and school" and a holiday "A day(or many) that one may spend time at leisure from work or school."In each definition there is no word that says that people work away endlessly whilst the pile on their desk doesn't get any smaller.I like to think of homework as an obstacle.Lets say Mount Everest(maybe a little exagerated).Once you've started the climb its hard to go back,you just have to keep going.One might ask "what if an avalanche suddenly comes flying down the slope you're on?" answer is.......I sure hope the person who set the homework gets stuck in it(doesnt die) and that maybe it would knock whatever screw is missing back into their heads(just joking).No, but seriously it is like climbing a mountain.When you get to the top and have finished it the joy and relief that you feel almost brings you to tears.So right now,after having written a 1000 word essay,finished history coursework and having posted my first blog......I am pretty happy.